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LHW Financial Planning Ltd provides a highly personalised financial planning service to individual clients as well as members of Corporate employee benefit Schemes. We serve both sectors. We provide clarity so individuals and employees alike can make lifestyle decisions with confidence.

Our aim is to provide clients with the "financial freedom to live". They may arrive somewhat nervous about their financial future. We endeavour to assist them to ensure they leave comforted or, in a position that they know what they need to create that financial freedom. Every individual is different and we respect that. Peace of mind is the most valuable asset anyone can have.

Avoca Court Temple Road, , Blackrock, Dublin

Alan has over 30 years experience in the financial planning sector. Much has changed since Alan entered the business in 1987. LHW Financial Planning has shown the ability to recognise change and has adapted accordingly. The guidance of the client and the Corporate is at the heart of what LHW set out to do. Whether an individual client or member of an Employee Benefits Scheme the aim is to assist in the pursuit of "financial freedom to live" It is highly personalised service and endeavours to allow any individual make lifestyle decisions with confidence.




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