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Sub Zero, negative rates the new normal

You should have noticed that over the last decade or so, the amount of interest you receive from banks and credit unions for keeping cash with […]

11 Steps to Escaping The Rental Trap so You Can Own Your Own Home!

In many parts of the country, it is now twice as expensive to rent a small apartment or home than to pay a mortgage on it. […]

7 Habits of the Wealthy

Written by Pinnacle Financial based in Dublin 6W. Rich people have rich habits. It’s a big part of the reason they’re so rich. They set themselves […]

The Verdict on Money & Happiness

Written by Pinnacle Financial based in Dublin 6W. It has been nearly a decade since Nobel Prize-winning economists Angus Deaton and Daniel Kahneman published a bombshell […]

The Financial Crisis Nobody is Talking About

Written by Pinnacle Financial based in Dublin 6W. The Crisis There is a looming pensions crisis in Ireland, one that cannot be solved by technocratic measures […]

Cost Averaging – A Strategy For Managing Timing Risk

It was described by Albert Einstein as one of the greatest miracles known to man. He was referring to the incredible potential of an investment to […]

Life Insurance Explained

Written by Planalife based in Athlone, Co.Westmeath. It is a conversation most of us would prefer not to have, but if you have a significant other […]

Budget Review

Written by Rockbridge Financial Planning based in Dublin 02. Last years Budget, like most Budget’s nowadays, was well documented in advance. While it was expected that […]

What is Cashflow Modelling?

Written by Walfrid Private based in Dublin 12. A comprehensive personalised “life cashflow” – will pull all of your current / future ... Income Expenditure Assets […]

Modern Families – Co-Habiting Couples, Protection & The Taxman

Modern family units are evolving and changing and are no longer the traditional unit that would’ve been more common 20 + years previously. There are some […]

The Last Thing You Need in a Health Crisis is a Financial Crisis!

What we do in the Protection industry as Trusted Advisors is important. Protection is sometimes forgotten by us all. Nobody likes to think negatively of illness […]

How To Invest a Lump Sum Inheritance

Written by Meritas Financial Advisors based in Dublin 18. Your business may have taken the steps to protect against future catastrophes or maybe your business has […]

Business Protection & Why You Should Consider It!

Written by Kindlon Insurance based in Dublin 1. Your business may have taken the steps to protect against future catastrophes or maybe your business has a […]

BOB : Buy Out Bonds

Remember when a Job was for life, you entered employment with the Bank , Semi State or multinational after school or college and you stayed there, […]

Inheritance Tax Cover – Section 72

Written by Fundamental Life & Pensions based in Dublin 11. €460 Million Inheritance Tax was collected by Revenue in 2017 alone. This is just on those […]

Investing Is About More Than Just Money

Written by MCG Financial based in Bandon, Co.Cork. Traditionally the role of a financial adviser has been to help you grow your financial resources. This has […]

How To Protect Your & Your Family – All About Insurance

Written by DLS Capital Management based in Dublin 2 Individual protection needs vary from person to person. Personal circumstances will determine an individual’s need for a […]

Why Do I Need Business Protection?

Written by ARF Pensions based in Ranelagh, Dublin. Anyone in business today wouldn’t think twice about insuring their business against loss from fire or theft. However, […]

Live Long & Prosper With Long Term Investments

Written by Penco based in Dublin 7. Part of being alive means that one day we will reach old age. Given that life expectancy in Ireland is […]

Creating Another Source of Income

Written by Pax Financial Planning based in Sandyford, Dublin. We all wish we had more money coming in monthly. By earning even a little extra, you […]

Thinking of a Self-Build Mortgage?

Written by the Mortgage Team based in Waterford, Carlow & Limerick. Building your own home can be a very exciting time as you have put months […]

Changing Job & Your Pension

Written by Tara Financial based in Blanchardstown, Dublin. In modern times it is rare for an individual to remain working for the same employer over the […]

Future-proofing Your Future

Written by Pinnacle Financial based in Terenure, Dublin. The future can be frightening – all those unknowns, those question marks. Just thinking about the future is […]

Who is Looking Out for Your Family?

Written by SYS Wealth & Financial Planning based in Limerick & Tipperary. Managing your financial life today can be a fairly complex affair, with lots of […]

It’s Not All About The Money

Traditional Financial Advice focuses on your money which, many assume, is a reasonable thing to do. It’s what we’ve grown up with and what we’ve come […]

Financial Planning Case Study on a Professional Couple

Written by Summit Life based in Ballsbridge, Dublin. Peter and Sarah are a married couple.  Peter is 32 and Sarah is 30 years of age. They […]

Business Succession Planning

Written by LHW Financial Planning based in Blackrock, Dublin. We understand it is the strength of family relationships that helps sustain these businesses and makes them […]

Claims Are What Counts!

Written by Foresthill Financial Planning based in Maynooth, Co.Kildare.   As part of our financial planning conversations with you, we always bring the attention around to […]

What is Auto-Enrolment?

Written by Wealthwise Financial planning based in Dublin & Leitrim.   What is Auto Enrolment? It is now widely accepted that reform of the current, purely […]

5 Ways to Help You Stay on Track

Written By Premier Financial based in Tralee, Co.Kerry. We are in the business of helping you to achieve the life that you want to lead, through […]

Do You Need Income Protection?

Written By Premier Financial based in Tralee, Co.Kerry. Income Protection is sometimes described as the glue in a financial portfolio. The most devastating impact on your […]

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Trusted Advisor Over a Bank!

Trusted Advisor Versus Bank | Who do you go to for financial advice? Top 10 reasons to go to our Trusted Advisors! Consumer Considerations! Trusted Advisor […]

The Direct Debit Wars – What Do You Prioritise?

Most of us look forward to payday, particularly during the final 2 weeks of the month! However most of us dread the following week when all […]

The Renters Generation

The Renters Generation | How are they exposed? According to a recent Daft Study ,920,000 people are now living in rented accommodation. That is almost 20% […]

The Protection Gap for Women

Whilst it is increasingly acknowledged that there is a pay gap for women, or that there is a growing Pension gap for working women, there is […]

10 Reasons Why You Should Create A Personal Budget in 2019

I get it. I know that talking about money matters seems scary. I understand that Financial Management seems complicated. But I also want to make sure […]

Tiny Habits – Big Things Happen From Small Steps!

by Trusted Advisor I often find that people I talk to struggle to save on a consistent basis.  Life gets in the way; other priorities and […]

What Financial Decisions Should I Be Making at Each Life Stage?

by Trusted Advisor No matter what age you are, your finances play a large part of your daily life. And unfortunately, it never gets easier. Each […]